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Here is the team of Pokemon Rider has acquired in his time in Johto:

Tauros ♂ - "Minos"
Level: 16
Nature: Adamant
Moves known: Horn Attack, Scary Face, Pursuit, Rage, Tail Whip

Heracross ♂ - "Tithonos"
Level: 10
Nature: Jolly
Moves known: Aerial Ace, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Endure, Leer, Night Slash

Starly ♀ - "Aura"
Level: 8
Nature: Brave
Moves known: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack

Level: Egg!
Nature: Egg!
Moves known: Feint, Pursuit, Sucker Punch (but egg!)

Level: Egg!
Nature: Egg!
Moves known: Leer, Peck (but egg!)


Jul. 8th, 2016 09:46 am
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How's my Driving with Rider here?

Is he not manly and awesome enough? Is he TOO manly and awesome? (Just kidding, we all know there's no such thing). Let me know what I'm doing wrong, or what I'm doing right!

Comments are screened and anonymous commenting is on.

Note: Even though he uses "Iskandar" in canon, I use "Alexander," because I feel like, as a Macedonian, he'd be more likely to call himself the Greek version of his name rather than the Persian version. (Well, technically the Greek version is "Alexandros," but I digress...) So that is a conscious choice on my part and not a brain fart!
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*Yep, that's the giant man from a week or so ago, and from the scenery it's obvious he's in Violet City. He's absolutely roaring with laughter from the back of his larger-than-usual Tauros.

And electricity is crackling from his fingertips. Also, does his hair look more spiky and yellow than normal?*
Ha! If this world thought to lay me low from disease once again, it was sorely mistaken!

But if fever and illness are what must be endured as a price for these ... capabilities-- *SPARKS. Into the air!* --then so be it!

How fitting for the heir of mighty Zeus himself, would you not agree? Come, friends! Show me the bounty of your newfound power!

[Action; Violet City]

*CAREFUL or you might get run over by a man charging through the streets on the back of a Tauros with thunder crackling from his hands. And yet, he seems to be, in his own way, methodically testing his new capabilities in terms of the materials he's zapping - rarely with enough force to do any harm, though.

He rears his Tauros to a halt, patting its flank affectionately.*
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*There is a massive man looking down at the screen. He seems to be poking at it.* Oh? It turned on. Now how did it... hah! It's like a little book! All the words and pictures, but you don't need to turn the page - amazing! It's absolutely amazing! They really are getting clever with this sort of thing these days.

Then this must mean that people can hear me. I've heard you all talking and yammering for hours now, but not a one of you has introduced yourself! Don't you have any pride?! Stand up tall and honor your name; don't hide behind a little tiny picture! Ah, but if you need an example... *He straightens up to his full height of almost 7 feet; it's a bit imposing even in the screen. He slams his fist to his chest.*

I am Alexander the Great, King of Conquerers! I have been summoned to battle as the great Servant, Rider. Now, I cannot say why I have come to this strange land, but if I cannot return to the battlefield from which I have been taken, I mean to make every last hill and valley mine! Therefore, tiny-picture-people, I need three things:

First, I need a mighty steed that can ride like the wind, with thunder coursing at its hooves! Glorious Bucephalus has no equal, but surely even a place like this has a stallion or two worthy of the King of Conquerers?

Second, I need a sword! Battles of the bare hand may be entertaining enough, but that's little better than a brawl! Any will do; even mediocre steel can be made strong in the hands of a warrior.

And finally, I need an army.

So to you, picture people, I pose a question: What do you dream of? Is it glory? Is it honor, or power? Follow me and you shall have all of that and more! You mustn't sit and be complacent; stand for yourself! Stand tall and proud, and ride in the shadow of Alexander!


*Those of you in New Bark Town might see something very odd. There is a giant burly man in a tight muscle shirt, which isn't odd in itself. What is odd is that he is actually physically wrestling with a Tauros.

And judging by the fact that the Tauros is beneath him right now, he's winning.

And laughing up a storm the entire time.*
Yes, yes! Fight with your all! Don't give in until your body breaks beneath your will!


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